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  Edouard Baldus and his Secret ... revealed  
   Young man from Grünebach, Master of Photography, Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur . . .

Peter Lindlein

  "Can I confess that it
 makes me like my man
 Baldus a bit more..."

"It’s discoveries like this
 that keep me reading
 my email."

Malcolm Daniel
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York


Full article by Peter Lindlein:
The secret of Edouard Baldus
... revealed



A small gallery of prints
 of Edouard Baldus



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The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York

Downloads (PDF, 9 MB):

The Secret of Edouard Baldus (E)
Das Geheimnis des Edouard Baldus (D)

A small gallery of heliogravures
 of Edouard Baldus



"The Secret of Edouard Baldus Revealed"

by Malcom Daniel

Posted on Tuesday Oct. 26, 2010